Basking under an orange sky

Sabari Ganesh
3 min readApr 28, 2019


Not everyone living in a metropolitan city are blessed to witness the beauty of nature during their busiest lives. We have already occupied rich ecosystems belonging to nature, and are left with nothing other than concrete walls surrounding us. I am lucky enough to stay nearer to sea besides having fairly spectacular backwaters in the city of Chennai. The sun rising from the depths of Bay of Bengal wakes me up daily by piercing his golden rays on my lazy face. I never miss visiting the beach which is very nearer to my flat, although my flatmates cuss me out for waking them up early.

Sunrise and sunsets are spectacular if we find the right spot to witness the phenomenon. Visiting the beach with your friends or family is joyful, moreover visiting alone is yet another relishing experience. The whole week we sound like dumb idiots in our lives. However, on the weekend, a sweet touch of the sea breeze on your face, a gentle tickling of the soft sand under your sole and splashing of cold water on your feet will turn you into a world’s greatest philosopher. We contemplate our life, remember loved ones, ponder over directionless career and all of a sudden, we realise the importance of happiness and start searching for the myriad ways to attain it. Dawn of enlightenment shines on our brain which had remained senseless until then. We feel a sense of comfort, unburden our heart with the weight of responsibilities we never expected to take. Also, flash a gentle smile on the face while facing the waters.

It is tough to keep our mind silent, especially when you are alone in places like a beach. This also might be the reason why I make time available for myself to go and sit on the sand, at least twice a week. The hard realities of life will come crashing on you, but at the same time, makes your mind ponder over the steps to face them. If not for our family or friends or job, just for ourselves.

The orange sky, the reflection of sun rays on the wet sand, the instant disappearance of bubbles of water soon after they take form, the melodious music of waves, the breeze traversing through the strands of my black and grey hair, and the salty smell of the sea. What else should I need to start the weekend?

On one such a beautiful morning on the beach, I had a man of my age sitting a few feet away from me trying to catch fish. Fishing might have been his hobby. He sticks a bait to the fishing rod and throws it into the waves. He is lucky enough sometimes to catch a few unlucky fish. To the other side of me, many little sand crabs are getting scared of my presence and running deep into their burrows to save their eggs. These two things intrigued me a lot. On one side, I have life being taken away from the fish, and on the other hand, life taking shape in the eggs of crabs. Two extremes of life happening on either side of me. Birth and Death. Nature is beautiful, and it never fails to amaze us, and keeps surprising us with the elements of joy and sorrow.

Here are a few thoughts from people I know who also love the beach as I do.

It’s me at Covelong, ECR, Chennai.


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